A committee of experts formed by the Weight Coalition has proposed five interventions, supported by the literature and meeting with consensus, for young people to be more active at school.

These proposals addressed to government, schools, and municipalities allow reaching a large number of children and youth, regardless of their socioeconomic status, and can be adapted to the reality of each environment.

  1. Prescribe a mandatory minimum amount of time dedicated to physical education and health courses
  2. Encourage intramural and extracurricular activities
  3. Integrate physical activity in other teaching programs
  4. Organize and direct active recesses in well-designed and -equipped schoolyards
  5. Encourage active transportation between home and school

For young people to feel like being active now and later in life, it is essential that they experience physical activity in a positive way. It is therefore necessary to offer them quality supervision and fun, structured activities that take place in an atmosphere of respect and trust and that fit different individual characteristics (sex, age, ability). To maximize the gains for young people, it is important also to consider the duration, intensity, frequency, and nature of the physical activities proposed.