The Weight Coalition’s Actions

Environmental measures put forward by the Weight Coalition and endorsed by its partners:

Healthy eating

  • Strict enforcement of the regulations onadvertising to children >>
  • Ban on food advertising to children in shopsthrough displays, stalls targeting youth or across-promotion using toys or items attracting to them >>
  • Food policies, including withdrawal of sugar-sweetened beverages, in facilities, places and public events >>
  • Strict enforcement of food policies in elementary and secondary schools, health and social services facilities, as well as child care services >> (available only in French)
  • Policy governing food supply in drugstores >>
  • Development of food and culinary skills in schools to promote the cooking expertise and the pleasure of healthy eating >> (available only in French)
  • Tax on sugar-sweetened beverages dedicated to supporting preventive actions >>
  • Ban the promotion of unlimited sugary drinks’ consumption or self-serve fountains in restaurants >>
  • Warning label on sugar-sweetened beverages with regard to the health effects of their consumption >>
  • Ban of self-managed “healthy” logos on packagings by the industry >>
  • Control of food marketing associated with sports >> (available only in French)
  • Increase number of community gardens, urban agriculture areas, public markets and local shops with healthy food supply >>

Physically active lifestive

  • Mandatory minimum time for physical and health education in preschool, elementary and secondary schools >> (available only in French)
  • Strict application of the physically active lifestyle component of the policy framework Pour un virage santé à l’école >> (available only in French)
  • Secure urban designs to be active and walk or bike all year >> (available only in French)
  • Reducing the volume of automobile traffic and speed in neighborhoods >> (available only in French)
  • Increase number of parks, green spaces, bike paths and pedestrian networks
  • Improving the quality and accessibility of public transport services

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