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It is essential to give priority to physical activity as possible solution to counter the growing epidemic that is obesity. National, regional, and local decision-makers in the fields of health, transportation, the environment, sport, recreation, education, and urban planning must all contribute to make it easy and possible for people to choose to be physically active.

Our position

The Weight Coalition would like for government to provide service providers with better support and schools with resources to get children and youth to be more active at school and in the community.

More specifically, we are asking government to:

  • Prescribe a mandatory minimum amount of time dedicated to physical education and health courses;
  • Encourage intramural and extracurricular physical activities;
  • Integrate physical activity in other teaching programs;
  • Organize and direct active recesses in well-designed and -equipped schoolyards;
  • Encourage active transportation between home and school.

Our achievements

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