Sugar-sweetened beverages’ over-consumption a important consequences. It contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. For example, among children, a sugary drink per day increases the risk of being obese by 60%.

Beyond obesity, abuse of liquid sugar can harm health, even among people of normal weight. That is why it is important to rethink how to hydrate self and to opt more often for alternatives other than sugar!

Campaign J’ai soif de santé !

Water remains the best way of hydration. In collaboration with the Association québécoise de la garde scolaire, the Weight Coalition launched the campaign J’ai soif de santé !. Through its Défi Tchin-tchin, this awareness campaign on healthy hydration aims to promote water consumption among preschool and elementary students throughout Quebec. Also part of this campaign, the Défi Tchin-tchin dans mon camp, deployed in the Quebec day camps in collaboration with the Fondation Tremplin Santé, aims to show young people that water must be the main drink in our lives, in a festive and positive atmosphere.

To this end, ideas for parents and a kit of fun activities for children have been developed, which you can download on the Liquid Sugar website. In addition, you can check out the final report of the campaign J’ai soif de santé ! (in French only), which was a great success.

Campaign Lquid Sugar: Not every day!

Watch the videos below and share them to help family and friends give an exceptional place to sugary drinks.


Plain water doesn’t appeal to you? Add some fruits, herbs and even vegetables for flavour! This is a great way to jazz it up: it’s free, eco-friendly and economical.

You will find more inspiring recipes and discover how to reduce your sugary drinks’ consumption on the Liquid Sugar website!